Estella- Pastry Chef & Chocolatier

Incorporating technological innovation in gastronomy

Estella's expertise in pastry and chocolate, combined with her deep understanding of the chemistry that comprises pastry products and the knowledge required for mass production, has led her to provide consulting services to companies and startups in the food-tech field. These collaborations involve developing creative solutions for baking and chocolate products and developing innovative materials for the most cutting-edge companies in the industry. Additionally, Estella serves on the Advisory Board of the company DouxMatok.

A pastry chef, chocolatier, and school manager

Estella M. Blafre is a graduate with distinction in the field of pastry and confectionery at the Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris. Estella has honed her skills in pastry and chocolate at various institutions in France, Germany, and Italy, including the chocolate school of Valrhona. Estella has a wealth of professional experience and is the only Israeli pastry chef who holds the title of "Chocolate Ambassador" for Barry Callebaut, the world's largest chocolate manufacturer. Estella holds a teaching certificate from the University of Tel Aviv and has a master's degree in business administration.

TV Presenter

Estella presents and judges on television programs. Her expertise in the field of confectionery and chocolate, combined with deep knowledge and understanding, earned her the title of "The Great Confectioner of Israel". Over the years, Estella has presented cooking programs on the food channel "Estella- Master Class" and on Reshet 13 TV "Estella's Confectionery". Estella is also one of the prominent judges on reality programs in the confectionery field. Estella was a leading judge on the popular television format "Bake Off" and is one of the prominent judges on the program "The Perfect Dessert."

Business consultant and advisor in the food industry

Estella acts as a professional consultant at the Entrepreneurship Center (MATI) and guides businesses in the confectionery field at the beginning of their journey. In addition, Estella and the school provide a variety of professional services for businesses from Israel and abroad, including courses and professional development for businesses, use of the school's facilities for study and development meetings, guidance, consulting, product development, and product testing. The consulting and guidance are provided to food companies, hotels, leading bakeries, and top-tier restaurants.

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