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Estella – master class in Pastry, Chocolate & Bakery

“Estella – Master Class in Pastry, Chocolate & Bakery” was founded in 2003 by pastry chef and chocolatier Estella M. Belfer. The school changed the map of pastry in Israel, elevating the level of Israeli pastry to the standards of Couture Pastries in Europe. Shortly after opening, the school has become a standard of quality in the study of pastry, aspired by all other Israeli schools and many schools worldwide.

The school is well known for its unique qualities:

Estella is the only school in Israel and among only few globally, specializing solely in pastry, bread baking and chocolate professions.

The unique study method –  the Estella method: The school is operating in the Estella Method, a unique study method developed by Estella. The method gives every student a deep level understanding of the basics of the pastry profession. Each student gets acquainted with the qualities of the various raw materials, and their significance, and understands the effect of a certain raw product over others, as well as the reason for adding a certain ingredient to a recipe. School graduates do not only master the various baking techniques, but first and foremost they understand the reasoning in the basis of each technique. The Estella method qualifies thinking pastry chefs, with deep understanding, as well as deduction and implementation abilities.


We have assembled a great faculty, carefully chosen in a unique selection process. Our faculty stands out in many areas: teachers in Estella are graduates of confectionary studies in Estella or in excellent schools abroad; they have at least five years of experience working in couture pastries; they successfully completed a six-month instruction course in the Estella method. They all have background in the business side of confectionary.

Small classes – Estella is the only school in Israel where the study is in small classes, each with only 8-12 students. Small classes allow each student to experience independent practical work in the scope they require and receive personal attention from faculty.

International accreditation – Estella is the only school in Israel to receive international accreditation, and the only school in Israel offering international courses and study programs, together with first rate international pastry schools. The school offers courses in partnership with the Olivier Bajard International School of Pastry in France, and the Belgium Callebaut Chocolate Academy, the largest chocolate manufacturer in the world. Estella is the only school in Israel offering its graduates international diplomas. The high level of the school and its becoming the leading authority in pastry studies, offer the graduates senior positions in the leading pastry companies, as well as opportunities to join the many dozens of Estella graduates who opened couture pastries in Israel and abroad.

About Estella M. Belfer

Pastry Chef, Chocolatier and school director and a judge on a very popular baking show "Bake off". Estella M. Belfer is a graduate with Honors of the pastry program in Le Cordon Bleu, Paris. Estella experienced in the field of pastry and chocolate in various places in France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, among them the chocolate school of Valrhona, the leading chocolate manufacturer in the world. Estella has an intensive and varied experience, working as a pastry chef in leading restaurants and hotels, managing pastry chains and held the position of in-house chef for Valrhona chocolate company. Estella is the only Israel Ambassador of Chocolate on behalf of Barry, the largest chocolate manufacturer across the world.

Research &Development

Our expertise in bakery products, our knowledge of ingredients chemistry and our understanding of challenges in mass production help us to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions designed to develop new pastry and chocolate products for leading food companies.

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יש הרבה בתי ספר טובים לקונדיטוריה, "אסטלה" הוא הטוב ביותר.  כשאני מחפש קונדיטור איכותי או מנהל הבחירה הראשונה היא בוגרי "אסטלה". בקורס קונדיטוריה.  מיקי שמו.

בית ספר לקונדיטוריה טוב הוא הבסיס להתקדמות מקצועית. אסטלה מציעה היום את קורסי הקונדיטוריה הטובים והמתקדמים ביותר בישראל. שף קונדיטור רביבה אפל – "רביבה וסיליה"

"אסטלה" הוא ללא ספק בית הספר לקונדיטוריה הטוב ביותר בארץ. הקורסים שם הם הקורסים לקונדיטוריה האיכותיים ביותר בישראל.
אורן בקר.

"מעולם לא נתקלתי בבית ספר לקונדיטוריה עם ציוד כל כך איכותי, כולל בטובים שבצרפת! הידע המקצועי והרמה הטכנולוגית מרשימים ביותר! אם בית הספר היה ממוקם בצרפת, היה זוכה לפרסים דרך קבע"  Thierry Bamas, MOF
"יש רק מעט בתי ספר לקונדיטוריה בעולם שמשתווים ברמתם לרמה של אסטלה כיתת אומן"
גולי פנחסוב - מנהל הפיתוח של פילסברי.
הקורסים של "אסטלה" הם הקורסים לקונדיטוריה האיכותיים ביותר בישראל.
דודו אוטמזגין - שף קונדיטור

לאסטלה ידע פנומנלי בתחומי הפטיסרי והשוקולד. יסודות ומקצועיות הם אצלה ערכים עליונים. פייר הרמה, הקונדיטור הטוב ביותר של המאה,
מגזין פורבס 2016

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